Frequently Asked Questions

Although I brought the frozen vegetables with LOOKICE® home from the shop and took them out of the freezer compartment several minutes ago, the label has not discoloured. Could it be defective?

All LOOKICE® labels are checked prior to delivery of the batch and are therefore guaranteed fully functional. Frozen vegetables have an extremely stable core temperature as a result of their high humidity. As soon as the vegetables thaw significantly, the LOOKICE® will start to discolour.

Can LOOKICE® be used with all frozen products?

Yes, LOOKICE® can be used for all frozen products, and its reaction always orientates itself on the respective contents, irrespective of the packaging or quantity.

Does the food store attach the LOOKICE® labels?

No. The LOOKICE® labels are attached during filling at the manufacturer. The deep-freeze chain is therefore continually observed and registered by LOOKICE®, from production to the customer’s home.

How quickly can bacteria multiply?

In case of incorrect cooling temperature, bacteria, which are essentially contained in every food, can multiply within approx. 5 hours from 1 bacteria to approximately 1.5 million bacteria and so endanger your health.

I have bought and observed different products with LOOKICE® because it interests me. Could it be that these discolour after different times?

Absolutely. Every product exhibits a different stability under temperature fluctuations; therefore the reaction times of the LOOKICE® are also different. Furthermore, it cannot of course be excluded that the products have been subjected to different temperature controls in their way to the refrigerator section at the store. LOOKICE® notes the product-relevant

Is the discoloration of the LOOKICE® label triggered by chemical dyes, and are these toxic?

No! LOOKICE® labels are printed using food-safe dyes.

What are all the things to consider when freezing food? How do you freeze correctly, which foods are suitable for freezing and how long is the shelf life of frozen products?

As frozen food bought in a shop, frozen goods can all be stored back in the freezer compartment or chest freezer at home. What is important is to transport the food home as quickly as possible in a suitable cool bag with cold packs, and to put it back in the freezer there immediately. The LOOKICE® label monitors whether the deep-freeze chain of the food has been maintained continuously from manufacture through transport to retail.

If you want to freeze raw food or precooked meals, for example such as vegetables, meat, fish or fruit, you can find information here about correct freezing for yourself.

What is a cold chain?

So that refrigerated and frozen food arrives with the consumer in the quality guaranteed by the manufacturer, it must be ensured that the goods are kept within the required temperature without interruption, from manufacture through storage and transport to refrigerated or frozen section in the shop. This enclosed temperature control from producer to consumer is referred to as a “cold chain”. We have summarised for you which factors play an important role for the cold chain.

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