The frozen food sector

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Since the 1950’s, frozen foods have enjoyed increasing success in Europe: Practical and quick – important qualities in everyday life. A food trade without a comprehensive range of frozen products, from herbs to ready-made dishes, has become unthinkable, most notably of all being the frozen pizza, which annually makes around one billion EUR in Germany alone. But how safe are frozen products? And where are the risk factors?

The task

One decisive component is possible temperature variations during loading, freight, delivery, intermediate storage and home transportation. Such variations are currently not traceable on the product, but can lead to alarming losses in quality.

An interruption in the cold chain can result in: vitamin loss, visual and taste impairments, consistency changes, increased bacteria formation.


cold chain


For years, those responsible in politics and economics in the European Union have called for manipulation-safe temperature indicators which seamlessly register and display compliance with the deep-freeze chain to the consumer.

The solution

LOOKICE Indicator Label Animation

LOOKICE® guarantees monitoring of the deep-freeze chain, from production to consumption. Even children can easily check whether a product has been properly frozen, and therefore if it can be consumed without hesitation.

How does this work?
The LOOKICE® label registers product-influencing temperature changes by means of unique, patented technology. If a critical value is reached, the blue indicator field on the LOOKICE® label changes colour to red. This warning level cannot be reversed!


Which other advantages does LOOKICE® have?
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