The Product

The advantages of LOOKICE®

Black Forest cake with frozen LOOKICE label

Frozen foods are so popular because they enable the maximum possible freshness in spite of long storage periods. In particular in case of classical convenience products, such as pizza, sensitive foods such as fish and cakes, or crisp vegetables, people will happily go for the quality of frozen products. With the LOOKICE® label they can rest assured on purchase of a product that the deep-freeze chain has been optimally complied with, from the manufacturer to the frozen section in the store. This is because only this uninterrupted cold chain guarantees the product quality. Find out here how a cold chain works.

How it works

LOOKICE Label blue


If the LOOKICE® label is still original and not discoloured, then you can re-freeze the frozen goods without any problem, or, of course, prepare and consume them without concern.


LOOKICE Label red


If the LOOKICE® label has discoloured to red, the cold chain has been significantly interrupted, and the product quality is endangered. In order to be safe, you should not purchase this product.


From then on, it is your responsibility to bring your frozen foods home safely and in their original quality. Please also remember to always transport frozen products in insulated bags suitable for the purpose, and to keep the time in which the product is not being frozen as short as possible.

LOOKICE® guarantees the following:

Woman takes frozen shrimp with LOOKICE label from the freezer in the supermarket
  • Gapless control from manufacture to consumption
  • No manipulation possibilities
  • Heat from hands and solar radiation do not contribute towards discolouration
  • Individual tolerance is orientated towards the content
  • Each product-relevant temperature
  • Simple to understand

Improved safety and trust thanks to the LOOKICE® system!

Tips on transporting, storing and checking the frozen goods

Whether frozen vegetables, meat, fish or readymade frozen food – the better you preserve the frozen condition, the longer the frozen goods will last and the safer the product quality. Use a cool bag or cool box with enough cold packs. Place the frozen food close together, ensure that the packaging is not damaged, and take your shopping home immediately. We have compiled a few tips on transporting, storing and checking the frozen goods for you.

Do you still have questions? Take a look at our FAQs.